Future Flight Hawai`i is proud and excited to continue its tradition of excellence using space science education as a catalyst for science, technology and the future in the state of Hawai`i. This year's summer program is being held on the islands of Hawai`i and Kaua`i in the state of Hawai`i.

This website is intended for parents, family, friends and others interested in space science.

  Next Stop: Mars
  In celebration of the 12th anniversary of Future Flight Hawai`i the human adventure to the Red Planet is just beginning.
  Using Space to Catalyze Student Interest in Science, Technology and the Future.

Mars Future Flight Hawai`i is a space-themed educational program designed to catalyze a child's interest in science, technology and the future. Using a mission format, the participants experience a variety of training modules to prepare them for their simulated missions to extra-terrestrial sites. Over the past 11 years, over 3500 student and parent participants have voyaged on journeys of exploration to the moon, Mars and our own planet, Earth, the Blue Planet. The Future Flight Hawai`i Mission Control team includes professional educators from the Hawai`i Department of Education. The training modules, mission components and other program elements are designed by the staff educators, with contributions from Hawai`i Space Grant College scientists and NASA resources. Available programs include: Residential (grades 4-7), Day Exploration (grades 3-6), and Family (grades 2-4).

The Module Descriptions and Schedule provide information about the four Summer Programs.
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Day Exploration Program
Kaua`i Community College
17-21 Jun 2002
Day Exploration Program
University of Hawai`i, Hilo
17-21 Jun 2002
Residential Program
Kilauea Military Camp
07-12 Jul 2002
Family Program
Kilauea Military Camp
12-14 Jul 2002
Module Descriptions Module Descriptions Module Descriptions Module Descriptions
Schedule Schedule Schedule Schedule
Daily Photo Gallery Daily Photo Gallery Daily Photo Gallery Daily Photo Gallery
Meet our Future Flight Hawai`i 2002 Staff
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    Administrator unveils future NASA vision

    The new NASA vision for the future is:
  • To improve life here,
  • To extend life to there,
  • To find life beyond

    The NASA mission is:
  • To understand and protect our home planet
  • To explore the Universe and search for life
  • To inspire the next generation of explorers
          . . . as only NASA can

    Administrator O'Keefe outlined the importance of inspiring a new generation of explorers through education.
    "Education is part of our core mission," added Administrator O'Keefe.

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Future Flight Hawai`i A program developed and sponsored by the Hawai`i Space Grant Consortium, University of Hawai`i at Manoa in cooperation with the University of Hawai`i at Hilo , Kaua`i Community College , Kilauea Military Camp , and the Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park .
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