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HIGP has a long history of successful studies in the field of high-pressure physics and chemistry of the Earth's deep interior. Joint support from the W. M. Keck Foundation, NSF, and University of Hawai'i in late the 1980s accelerated our capabilities. Recent efforts of the High Pressure Mineral Physics group are concentrated on developing new techniques for synthesis and characterization of advanced materials (e.g., hard thin films).

Our mission is to study the behavior of minerals and functional materials under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. Specifically, we aim to understand the phase transformations of the minerals in Earth's interior.

The unique combination of scientists, facilities, and ongoing collaborative efforts at the University of Hawai'i provide opportunities to investigate the elastic, electrical, thermal, vibrational, and structural properties of materials at high pressure and temperature. These investigations use acoustic, electrical, thermal (conductivity) measurements, X-ray, Brillouin and Raman scattering, as well as scanning acoustic and optical microscopy.

The common areas of high-pressure mineral physics and materials science (e.g., synthesis of diamonds and diamond-like hard phases) are key subjects of scientific research and have high potential in the high-tech industries in Hawai'i.

Diagram of propagation of sound waves in the Diamond Anvil Cell Research Interests:
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See also the Materials Science Laboratory web page for more information on our techniques and research.

For more information on high pressure mineral physics and materials science at HIGP contact:  Murli Manghnani, Li Chung Ming, Anupam Misra, Shiv Sharma, or Pavel Zinin.

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