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By virtue of a very generous gift from the estate of Denise B. Evans, the Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology (HIGP) in the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) has established the Denise B. Evans Fellowships in Oceanographic Research. These awards support outstanding SOEST graduate students in many different fields of oceanographic research.

Two awards will be made in the amount of $28,000/year/award, to be paid as salary to graduate research assistants at UH Mānoa who will be continuing their studies for the period 1 August 2019 to 31 July 2020. These awards will not fund overload.

For the purpose of this award, "oceanographic research" is considered in very broad terms. Marine geology and geophysics, ocean engineering (e.g., robotics, data systems), physical/chemical/microbial/biological oceanography, analysis of coral reefs, submarine volcanism, tsunamis, modeling of air-sea interactions, ocean wave energy, ocean remote sensing, and marine biology, are all considered to be covered by this opportunity. However, near-shore investigations of hydrologic/sedimentary processes on land, the effects of sea-level rise on land, the geology of Pacific islands, and island meteorology are beyond the scope of this award.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Denise B. Evans Selection Committee, comprised of faculty from SOEST. First and foremost, this Committee will be searching for students with outstanding research accomplishments who will be studying at Mānoa until at least July 2020. Although education and outreach are valuable aspects of a student's career, it is the research potential that the Committee will consider most important.

Students registered in SOEST's instructional departments and ORUs are eligible. Students in UH Mānoa's Marine Biology graduate program are eligible through HIMB. Prior recipients of the Fellowships are eligible for a second year.

How to Apply
Students interested in receiving the Denise B. Evans awards for 2019—2020 must follow a specific nomination process. The student's faculty advisor shall nominate the student by submitting a recommendation (see below for the materials required) to their SOEST department chair (or director in the case of CMORE, HIMB, HNEI, and HIGP). The chair or director will then forward their three top nominations to the Director of HIGP (see below). No application submitted directly to HIGP by a student will be accepted.

Each nomination will contain:
  1. A recommendation from the advisor (two page maximum), describing 1) the research that the student would pursue during the award period (one page), 2) the student's accomplishments to date and 3) the potential impact that the Denise B. Evans award would have on the student's career.

  2. The student's CV, including any publications, conference presentations, ship time, and any other professional activities that are relevant.

  3. Transcript for student since his/her arrival at UH.
As a reminder, a maximum of three proposals from each organizational unit will be accepted. No prioritization needs to be given to these three proposals.

>> Please read the Application guidelines in downloadable pdf. pdf version

The nomination application deadline has passed. Nomination packages were due at HIGP Office (POST 602) by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 16, 2019.

Winners to be announced on Monday, June 24, 2019.

Funding to begin on Thursday, August 1, 2019.

-- August 2018 Announcement
  • Emily L. Young is a PhD candidate from the Department of Oceanography working with Craig R. Smith from Biological Oceanography. Young studies the biodiversity, trophic ecology and ecosystem function at organic-rich whale-bone and wood-fall habitats in the deep sea. [ News item ]

-- September 2017 Announcement
  • Astrid Leitner is a PhD candidate from the Department of Oceanography working with Jeff Drazen from Biological Oceanography. Leitner studies the impacts of seamounts at various scales on marine ecology. [ News item ]

  • Seth Travis, PhD candidate from the Department of Oceanography working with Bo Qiu. Travis examines mesoscale eddy activity in the South Pacific, looking at variability on different time scales and exploring spatial variability across regions of significant topographic features. [ News item ]

-- June 2016 Announcement
  • Phoebe Woodworth-Jefcoats, PhD candidate from the Department of Oceanography. Woodworth-Jefcoats studies climate impacts on pelagic marine fisheries. [ News item ]

  • Christopher Wall, PhD candidate from the Marine Biology graduate program. Wall's research combines issues surrounding climate change and the impacts to coral reefs. [ News item ]

-- July 2015 Announcement
  • Sherry Chou from the Department of Oceanography is a graduate student with Glenn Carter. Chou's physical oceanography research on the ocean energy budget is focused on internal tides interaction with the Hawaiian Islands. [ News item ]

  • Christopher Schvarcz from the Department of Oceanography is a graduate student with Grieg Steward. Schvarcz is pursuing biological oceanography research on marine phytoplankton and their viruses in Hawaiian waters. [ News item ]

-- May 2014 Announcement
  • Jonathan Sleeper from the Department of Geology and Geophysics/Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology is a graduate student with Fernando Martinez. Sleeper's research focuses on the effects of both spreading rate and subduction-related chemical heterogeneities on the volcanic and tectonic characteristics of backarc spreading centers. [ News item ]

-- June 2013 Announcement
  • Yaprak Onat from the Department of Ocean and Resources Engineering is a graduate student with R. Cengiz Ertekin. Onat is working on renewable energy resources. [ News item ]

  • Katie Smith from the Department of Oceanography is a graduate student with Mark Merrifield. Smith is researching how internal tide variability impacts island coastal ecosystems. [ News item ]

-- February 2013 Announcement
  • Alice Colman from the Department of Geology and Geophysics is a graduate student with John Sinton. Colman is researching the effects of the rate of magma supply on mid-ocean ridge volcanic eruptions and magmatic systems. [ News item ]

  • Shimi Rii from the Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education is a graduate student with Matthew Church. Rii is researching the role of gradients in controlling plankton community structure. [ News item ]

Photo Album
View photos of previous awardees.

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