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HIGP offers courses that focus on our research strengths in cosmochemistry, mineral physics, remote sensing, planetary surface processes, tectonics, and geophysics. All courses are offered through the Department of Earth Sciences; almost all HIGP faculty are members of the department's graduate faculty. The connection to research expertise allows courses to be innovative and state-of-the-art.


Undergraduate Courses in Planetary Geosciences.

Graduate Courses in Planetary Geosciences.

Courses with an Earth Emphasis.

Graduate Admissions Information

HIGP encourages applications from energetic and enthusiastic students wishing to join our research Institute in partnership with the Department of Earth Sciences. We offer M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Read more Graduate Admissions information from HIGP, including how to apply.

Public Educational Talks

HIGP personnel speak throughout the year on educational topics of interest to students and the public. Here is a short list of forums that host HIGP speakers:

Department of Earth Sciences TGIF Seminars

HIGP Seminars

Pacific Regional Planetary Data Center–Hawai‘i Space Lecture Series

SOEST Open House

HIGP Media on ThinkTech Hawai‘i–Research at UH Mānoa


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