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Harold Garbeil

Email: harold@higp.hawaii.edu
Office: POST 510B
Phone Number: (808) 956-6325
Fax Number: (808) 956-6322

University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology
1680 East-West Road, POST 602
Honolulu, HI 96822

Research Interests:
Software development, Remote sensing, Image processing

Publications (partial listing):

Mouginis-Mark P.J., Sharpton V.L., Boyce J.M., and Garbeil H. (2017) Determination of Mars Crater Geometric Data: Insights from High Resolution Digital Elevation Models. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 53(4), 726-740, doi: 10.1111/maps.12895. <9995>

Wright, R., Lucey P.G., Crites S., Horton K.A., and Garbeil H. (2012) BBM/EM Design of the Thermal Hyperspectral Imager: an Instrument for Remote Sensing of Earth's Surface, Atmosphere and Ocean , from a Micro-Satellite Platform. Acta Astronautica. <8764>

Harris A.J.L. Favalli M. Wright, R., and Garbeil H. (2011) Hazard assessment at Mount Etna using a hybrid lava flow inundation model and satellite-based land classification. Nat. Hazards, 58, 1001-1027. in press <8629>

Wilson L., Mouginis-Mark P., Tyson S., Mackown J., Garbeil H. (2009) Fissure eruptions in Tharsis, Mars: Implications for eruption conditions and magma sources. J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res., doi: 10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2009.03.006 <7714>

Wright R., Garbeil H., and Harris A. (2008) Using infrared satellite data to drive a thermo-rheological/stochastic lava flow emplacement model: a method for near-real-time volcanic hazard assessment. Geophys. Res. Lett. <7533>

Branan Y.K., Harris A.J.L., Watson I.M., Phillips J.C., Horton K.A., Wiliiams-Jones G. and Garbeil H. (2007) Investigation of at-vent dynamics and dilution using thermal infrared thermometers at Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua. J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res., 169, 34-47. <7397>

Williams-Jones G., Horton K.A., Elias T., Garbeil H., Mouginis-Mark P.J., Sutton A.J., and Harris A.J.L. (2006) Accurately measuring volcanic plume velocity with multiple UV spectrometers. Bull. Volcanol., 68, 328-332. <7385>

Harris A.J.L., Vallance J.W., Kimberly P., Rose W.I., Matias O., Flynn L.P., and Garbeil H. (2006) Downstream aggradation owing to lava dome extrusion and rainfall runoff at Volcan Santiaguito, Guatemala. GAS Special Paper 412-Volcanic Hazards in Central America, 85-104, doi:10.1130/2006.2412(05), in press <7382>

Mouginis-Mark P.J., Garbeil H. (2007) Crater geometry and ejecta thickness of the Martian impact crater Tooting. Meteoritics & Planetary Science 42, in press <7168>

Boyce J.M., Garbeil H. (2007) Geometric relationships of pristine Martian complex impact craters, and their implications to Mars geologic history. Geophys. Res. Lett., 34, doi: 10.1029/2007GL029731, in press <7155>

Wright R., Garbeil H., Baloga S.M., Mouginis-Mark P.J. (2006) An Assessment of Shuttle Radar Topography mission Digital Elevation Data for Studies of Volcano Morphology Remote Sensing of Environment, in press

Horton K.A., Williams-Jones G., Garbeil H., Elias T., Sutton A.J., Mouginis-Mark P., Porter J., Clegg S. (2005) Real-time measurement of volcanic SO2 emissions: validation of a new UV correlation spectrometer (FLYSPEC). Bull. Volcanol. doi 10.1007/s00445-005-0014-9.

Mouginis-Mark P. and Garbeil H. (2005) Quality of TOPSAR topographic data for volcanology studies at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii: An assessment using airborne lidar data. Remote Sens. Environ. 96, 149-164.

Boyce J., Mouginis-Mark P.J., and Garbeil H. (2005) Ancient oceans in the northern lowlands of Mars: Evidence from impact crater depth/diameter relationships. J. Geophys. Res.-Planets, v. 110, E03008, doi:10.1029/2004JE002328.

Patrick M.R., Smellie J.L., Harris A.J.L., Wright R., Dean K., Izbekov P., Garbeil H., and Pilger E.J. (2004) First recorded eruption of Mount Belinda volcano (Montagu Island), South Sandwich Islands. Bull. Volcanol., (in press 2004).

Rowland S.K., Garbeil H., Harris A.J.L. (2004) Lengths and hazards from channel-fed lava flows on Mauana Loa, Hawaii, determined from thermal and downslope modeling with FLOWGO. Bull. Volcanol., 67:634-647, doi:10.1007/S00445-004-0399-x.

Rowland S.K., Harris A.J.L., and Garbeil H. (2004) Effects of Martian conditions on numerically-modeled, cooling-limited, channelized lava flows. J. Geophys. Res.,109, E10010, doi:10.1029/2004JE02288, <6482>

Torres R., Mouginis-Mark P., Self S., Garbeil H., Kallianpur K., Quiambao R. (2004) Monitoring the Evolution of the Pasig-Potrero Alluvial fan, Pinatubo Volcano, Using a Decade of Remote Sensing Data Set. J. Volcanol. Geothermal Res., in press.

Mouginis-Mark P.J., Garbeil H., Boyce J.M., Ui C.S.E., and Baloga S.M. (2004) The geometry of martian impact craters: First results from an interactive software package. J.Geophys. Res. - Planets, v. 109, E08006, doi: 10.1029/2003JE002147.

Stevens N.F., Garbeil H., and Mouginis-Mark P.J. (2004) NASA EOS Terra ASTER: Volcanic topographic mapping and capability. In Elsevier doi:10.1016/j.rse.2004.01.012.

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Cervelli P., Segal P., Amelung F., Garbeil H., Meertens C., and Owen S. (2001) The September 12, 1999 Upper East Rift Zone dike intrusion at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii. J. Geophys. Res.

Flynn L., Wright R., Garbeil H., Harris, A., and Pilger E.J. (2001) A global thermal alert system using MODIS: Initial results from 2000-2001. Advances in Environ. Monitor. Model.

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