W. M. Keck Cosmochemistry Laboratory - Related Research

Research into the Origin of the Solar System

We use the Cameca ims 1280 and associated equipment to investigate the origin of the solar system. The research can be thought of as consisting of three basic types of investigations:
  1. Studies of the raw materials that were the building blocks for the solar system, including presolar grains from meteorites, interplanetary dust particles, and comet samples returned by the Stardust mission.

  2. Studies of the timing of events during the formation of the solar system. Chronology is investigated through studies of short-lived radionuclides.

  3. Studies of early solar system processes, which we investigate through measurements of chemical compositions, trace-element abundances, isotopic fractionations, and the unique variations exhibited by oxygen isotopes.

  Here is a Listing of peer-reviewed publications resulting from research carried out with the ion microprobe.

Many of our studies have been highlighted on the Planetary Science Research Discoveries educational website. These articles include:

13 May 2020