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HIGP Faculty

Acosta-Maeda, Tayro   Remote and micro-Raman spectroscopies, Remote sensing, Planetary exploration, Shock metamorphism, High-pressure physics
Bradley, John P.   Analytical transmission electron microscopy in materials science
Bruno, Barbara C.   Geoscience education, Planetary volcanism
Butler, Rhett   Oceanic seismology, tsunamis
Chen, Bin   High-pressure mineral physics
Dera, Przemyslaw   High-pressure mineral physics
Edwards, Margo H.   Director of ARL/UH;  Marine geology and geophysics, Remote sensing of the seafloor, Mid-Ocean Ridges, Arctic Basin
Englert, Peter A. J.   Gamma Ray Spectrometry, Higher Education
Fagents, Sarah A.   Planetary volcanism, Volcanic fluid dynamics, Icy satellite geology
Flynn, Luke P.   Director of HSFL, Director of HSGC; Thermal remote sensing of volcanic eruptions and biomass burning
Foster, James H.   Geodesy, GPS meteorology and the impact and mitigation of the atmosphere on space geodetic measurements
Fryer, Patricia   Marine geology, Petrology, Tectonics
Garces, Milton A.   Infrasound, Seismology, Fluid dynamics, CTBT monitoring, Volcano acoustics
Gillis-Davis, Jeffrey J.   Geology of Mercury and the Moon, Volcanology, Crustal composition, Remote sensing and using experimental petrology along with space weathering experiments to improve results from remotely sensed data
Grobbe, Niels   Hydrogeophysics, Physics of Porous Media, Imaging, Coupled Seismo-Electromagnetics, Inverse Problems & Uncertainty Quantification, Seismic & Electromagnetic methods, Multi-physics approaches, Complex Wave Phenomena, Volcanology
Herrero-Bervera, Emilio   Marine paleomagnetism, Magnetic anistropy
Hey, Richard N.   Plate tectonics, Marine geology and geophysics
Huss, Gary R.   Director of Keck Cosmochemistry Laboratory; Ion microprobe analysis, Cosmochemistry
Ishii, Hope A.   Director of Advanced Electron Microscopy Center; Cosmochemistry, extraterrestrial materials, focused ion beam and transmission electron microscope analysis
Keil, Klaus   Emeritus Faculty: Meteoritics, Cosmochemistry, Evolution of asteroids, Planetary science
Kroenke, Loren   Emeritus Faculty: Geophysics
Krot, Alexander N.   Meteoritics, Cosmochemistry
Lautze, Nicole   Geothermal/Sustainable Energy, Physical Volcanology, Natural Hazards
Lucey, Paul G.   Remote sensing instrumentation, Infrared hyperspectral phenomenology, Near-IR remote sensing of terrestrial planets
Manghnani, Murli H.   High-pressure mineral physics
Martinez, Fernando   Marine geophysics, Tectonics, Backarc basins, Mid-Ocean Ridges
Ming, Li Chung   Emeritus Faculty: High-pressure research, Diamond-Anvil cell technology, X-ray diffraction, Phase transformation, Crystal chemistry
Misra, Anupam K.   Material science, Remote sensing, Remote Raman, micro Raman, High Tc-Superconductor, Stress Strain sensors, 1/f noise
Mouginis-Mark, Peter J.   Planetary geology, Remote sensing, Space mission concepts
Nagashima, Kazuhide   Manager of Keck Cosmochemistry Laboratory; Ion microprobe analysis, Cosmochemistry
Nunes, Miguel A.   Deputy Director of HSFL, Mechanical Engineering
Porter, John N.   Aerosol optics, Remote sensing, Aerosol instrumentation, Solar radiation
Potemra, James   General ocean circulation and its relationship to climate; processes in the western equatorial Pacific and eastern Indian Ocean and their connection
Rognstad, Mark   Emeritus Faculty: Sonar design and development, Seafloor mapping, Acoustic and optical remote sensing, Digital signal processing
Scott, Edward R.D.   Emeritus Faculty: Meteoritics, Planetary science, Petrology, Cosmochemistry
Sharma, Shiv K.   Instrumentation development for remote sensing, Raman & Mie-Rayleigh lidar, Micro-Raman & infrared spectrometry of meteorites/terrestrial minerals, Experimental petrology, Mineral physics, Materials science
Sorensen, Trevor   Project Manager of HSFL
Taylor, G. Jeffrey   Emeritus Faculty: Extraterrestrial materials, Planetary volcanology, Igneous processes, Exploration and utilization of space resources
Thomas, Donald M.   Geochemistry, Hydrology of geothermal systems, Hydrology of ocean islands, Chemistry of volcanic gases, Radon release and transport
Trang, David   Planetary geomorphology, Lunar geology, Near-infrared spectroscopy
Wilkens, Roy H.   Emeritus Faculty: Geophysics
Wright, Robert   Interim Director of HIGP,   Hyperspectral imaging instrument development, Remote sensing, Infrared Radiometry, Volcanology

HIGP Affiliate Faculty

Amelin, Yuri   (Australian National University) Meteoritics
Amulele, George   (Macquarie University, Australia) High-pressure laboratory experimentation
Attias, Eric   Marine Electromagnetic Geophysics
Blake, David   (NASA Ames Research Center) Planetary Remote Sensing
Boyce, Joseph   (Research Corp. UH) Impact cratering, Planetary stratigraphy, Evolution of planetary terrains
Brenker, Frank E.   (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany) Planetary and extraterrestrial processes at the nanoscale
Dousset, Benedicte   Passive and active urban remote sensing, urban climatology
Ericksen, Todd   (USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, Menlo Park, CA)
French, Lloyd C.   (NetSpace Engineering) HSFL Engineering, Satellites, Space flight
Fryer, Gerard   Tsunamis
Gardner, Joan   (Naval Research Lab) Geological remote sensing
Hacker, Peter W.   Physical Oceanography and satellite remote sensing, SOEST-IPRC research
Hermalyn, Brendan   (Google, Inc.) Imaging science, Camera/Imaging systems
Isaacson, Peter   (The Aerospace Corporation) Visible to infrared analysis of planetary surfaces and materials
Langenhorst, Falko   (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany) Analytical mineralogy of micro- and nano-structures
Libourel, Guy   (CNRS-OCA-UNS, Nice, France) Petrology, cosmochemistry
Prakapenka, Vitali   (University of Chicago) Argonne Nat'l Lab Beamline scientist, High-pressure / high-temperature Diamond AnvilCell
Schmitz, Birger   (University of Lund, Sweden) Cosmochemistry
Shumilova, Tatyana   (Russian Academy of Sciences)
Sobolev, Nikolay V.   (Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch) High-pressure mineral physics
Wilson, Lionel   (Lancaster University, UK) Planetary volcanology
Zinin, Pavel V.   High-pressure mineral physics, High-pressure materials science, and Theory of 3-D imaging

HIGP Staff

Baloga, Stephen  
Ben Gershom, Yosef   HSFL Satellite I&T Engineer
Davis, Roger   HMRG Computer Network Manager
Doi, Bill   HSFL Administrative Officer
Finkelstein, Gregory   HIGP Mineral Physics Research Laboratory Manager
Fujitani, Gavin   Administrative Fiscal Officer
Garbeil, Harold   Software development, Remote sensing, Image processing
Hagi, Kasey   HSFL Software Engineer
Imai-Hong, Amber   HSGC / HSFL Outreach & Engineering
Kajiwara, Leslie   HMRG program administrator
Kastner, Ethan   HIGP computer facilities/lab assistant
Kimura, Art   Hawaii Space Grant Consortium
Kimura, Rene   Hawaii Space Grant Consortium
Krot, Tatiana   Cosmochemistry
Langdalen, Zachary  
Lau, James   Research Support
Lefevre, Rena   Administration
Martel, Linda M.V.   Planetary geology, Remote sensing, Educational outreach
Nakahara, Violenda   Administration
Nakamura, Zi Hong (Polly)   Pacific Regional Planetary Data Center data assistant
Nakano, Layne   Administrative Fiscal Officer
Nakasone, Sharisse   Administrative Fiscal Officer
Nii, Marcia Rei S.   Executive Director/Program Coordinator of Hawai'i Space Grant Consortium
Peterson, Chris A.   Manager, Pacific Regional Planetary Data Center; Lunar geology
Pilger, Eric J.   Systems engineering, Electronics Instrumentation design, Remote sensing, Educational outreach
Rodrigues, Isaac C.   HSFL Engineer
Williams, Tim J.   Engineering Facility Manager
Williams, Brian   ISLA Field Systems Engineer and Analyst
Wood, Mark   Science Instrument Engineer
Yoneshige, Lance   HSFL Small Satellite Structure and Mechanisms Engineer

HIGP Post-Doctoral Fellows and Researchers

Donohue, Patrick H.   Cosmochemistry, Igneous processes, Lunar geology
Gabrieli, Andrea   Physical volcanology and hyperspectral remote sensing of volcanoes
Li, Shuai   Water (OH/H2O) and water related surface processes on airless bodies in our Solar System, Planetary volcanism, Spectroscopy, Quantitative remote sensing
Ohtaki, Kenta   Microscopy studies on primitive Solar System materials
Zhu, Feng   High-pressure mineral physics

HIGP/G&G Graduate Students

Adams, Melissa  
Anderson, Alyssa  
Asmar Toro, Karina  
Avery, Jonathan  
Caplan, Caroline E.  
Chornkrathok, Sasithorn (May)   Mineral Physics and Materials Science
Christe, Anthony  
Corley, Laura M.  
Costello, Emily  
Egan, Miles  
Ferguson, Colin   Aqueous Geochemistry, Noble Gas Geochemistry, Isotope Geochemistry, GIS, Geothermal Exploration and Characterization, Geothermal Direct Use, Ore Deposit Geology, Volcanology, Petrology/Mineralogy, Groundwater Tracing
Ferrari-Wong, Chiara  
Flom, Abigail  
Frank, David  
Genabe, Angelo  
Giguere, Thomas   Remote sensing of the Moon, Geochemical make-up of the lunar mare, Lunar minerology, Lunar petrology
Honniball, Casey  
Hu, Yi   Mineral Physics and Materials Science
Lai, Xiaojing  
Sandford, Macey  
Shelton, Hannah   Mineral Physics and Materials Science
Sun, Lingzhi  
Tachera, Diamond   Geothermal/Sustainable Energy and Groundwater Geochemistry of the Hawaiian Islands
Takazawa, Samuel  
Thorhallsson, Daniel   Marine geophysics
Tobin, Jonathan  
Truax, Kelly   Radionuclide analysis and methods development for environmental monitoring
Viti, Taylor  
Yong, Tommy   Mineral Physics and Materials Science

HIGP Student Assistants
Hatae, Nicole  
Kishaba, Riley  
Young, Lee Danielle  

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