Gearing up for Lāna‘i Drilling

Last week, Principal Investigator Dr. Nicole Lautze and a small team of graduate students and collaborators visited Lāna‘i in preparation for the upcoming drilling. They met with representatives of Pūlama Lāna‘i (the island’s land and resource management company) and worked out some of the preliminary details concerning housing and other facilities that will be made available to the project.

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa President David Lassner was on Lāna‘i and took the time to come and visit the Well 10 site that we hope to begin deepening within the next few weeks, showing his support for the project.

Principal Investigator Dr. Nicole Lautze explains the science and goals of the Lāna‘i Hydrogeochemistry project to UH Mānoa President David Lassner (photo courtesy of Dr. Scott Rowland).

Mahalo to Pūlama Lāna‘i and President Lassner for your help and support! All of our gear is expected to be on the island sometime next week, and then we’ll begin preparing the site and hole for drilling. Check back here for more updates soon, which will become daily updates once drilling begins.


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Palawai Basin From Lanaihale

This hydrogeochemical assessment will reveal Lāna‘i’s groundwater system, inform water conservation, and expand our understanding of groundwater systems within the caldera regions of the Hawaiian volcanoes.

Water wells within the Pālāwai Basin tap high-level brackish water at elevated temperatures. As the only location in Hawai‘i where brackish water flows above sea level, this caldera region of Lāna‘i volcano rise hundreds of feet above sea level. Where this high-level brackish water comes from is unknown. We plan to deepen two existing wells within Lāna‘i’s Pālāwai Basin by using core drilling technology (core will be less than 4 inches diameter).

We will provide project updates on our groundwater research on Lāna‘i Island, so welcome and stay tuned!

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