Congrats, Honour!

Honour setting up her rain bucket

Congratulations to Honour Booth! Our undergraduate research fellow graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Global Environmental Science and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry.

For the past two years, Honour has been collecting rain in the Ala Wai Watershed. Her research aims to characterize rainfall patterns over an elevation gradient using the isotopic ratios of oxygen and hydrogen in rain water. As rainfall patterns change due to climate change, it is important to know what rains will be responsible for recharging Hawaiʻi’s aquifers. Honour’s study is also used to determine whether a larger-scale study of this kind in the Pearl Harbor Watershed is feasible.

Honour collecting rain on a mountain

Honour will enroll in the master’s degree program in Urban and Regional Planning and will focus on sea-level-rise adaptation. Congrats, Honour!

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