Good drilling progress, first breccia unit, 1667′

After replacing the transmission on the rig and other servicing over the past couple days, we were back to drilling yesterday afternoon. We’ve made good progress since, and today the science crew processed core down to a depth of 1667 ft. below the surface (from a starting depth of 1480 ft. where we started deepening Well 10). Below is one of the more interesting units we saw today; a breccia that is probably a landslide deposit. Such deposits are common around the rim of the active Kīlauea volcano caldera today, and Well 10 is located at the southern rim of the Pālāwai basin on Lāna‘i – the modern region thought to represent the caldera of the long dormant Lāna‘i volcano.

A breccia unit we processed today, which is probably a landslide deposit from the rim of the ancient Lāna‘i caldera.


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