Nicole Lautze: Candidate for Geothermal Rising Board of Directors

Nicole Lautze Geothermal Rising Geothermal Resource CouncilOur Director Nicole Lautze is a candidate for the Geothermal Rising (formerly Geothermal Resource Council) Board of Directors. Her plans as a board member and biography:

Plans: “As a board member, I will ensure that GRC is meeting the needs of its members, will promote outreach that emphasizes the unique benefits of geothermal to governmental agencies and communities, and will encourage environmental stewardship, public acceptance, and developing the next generation of geothermal leaders. Further, I will contribute my scientific expertise, knowledge of geothermal exploration in the Pacific Rim, and experience working with multiple governmental agencies, private organizations, and the communities.”

Biography: “My passion for geothermal is based on my fundamental concern for the planet. I am a tenured faculty researcher at the University of Hawaii at Manoa where I founded and direct the Hawaii Groundwater and Geothermal Resources Center (HGGRC). During my eight years as faculty, I have secured grants/donations worth over ~$24.5 million as Principal Investigator and co-Investigator, and funded the employment of over 50 postdocs, staff members, and students. As a testament to my accomplishments, I received the Clean Energy Education & Empowerment (C3E) Education Award from the MIT Energy Initiative and the Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy in 2017. While my geothermal research has been primarily focused in Hawaii thanks to the DOE-funded National Geothermal Data System and Hawaii Play Fairway projects, I am excited to be now expanding to U.S. territories and other countries.

“While leading the five-year-long Hawaii Play Fairway project it was an honor to work amongst bright and excited colleagues at all levels. Our drilling project on Lanai resulted in not only data that confirmed a potential geothermal source, but also hydrological findings that will inform groundwater management across the state. Outreach is key too. In 2015 I launched the HGGRC website (, which has generated hundreds of thousands of hits and reinvigorated some datasets that would otherwise have been lost (including drill core photos).

“I earned a Bachelor of Science in Geology from UCLA (among the top 50 graduating seniors), and a PhD in Geology and Geophysics from University of Hawaii at Manoa. I received two Fulbright fellowships (to Italy and Peru), a National Science Foundation International Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (to Italy), and a U.S. Geological Survey Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellowship.”

Nicole Lautze Geothermal Rising Geothermal Resouce Council