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videoAlternate energy choices
Streaming video. (8 min.)

Summary/Abstract: Describes the various alternate energy programs in Hawaii including the development of geothermal electric energy on the Big Island and the Hawaii deep water cable project to deliver this power; wind farms on Oahu and the Big Island; burning of sugarcane bagasse for electric generation; hydroelectric power; and the garbage to energy proposal in Honolulu.
Publisher: Honolulu: Hawaiian Electric Company, c1988.

Donald Thomas videoEnergy for the 21st century
Streaming video. (30 min.)
Summary/Abstract: Describes how geothermal energy can be used to replace fossil fuels in Hawaii. Shows efficient geothermal power plants in the Imperial Valley and Lake County, California which have high marks for their financial contributions to the community and for introducing spinoff applications in agriculture.
Publisher: Honolulu, Hawaii: The Co., c1990.

video direct use geothermalGeothermal energy, the power within
Streaming video. (30 min.)
Summary/Abstract: Presents an overview of the development of geothermal energy in the Puna District and the United States. High school students on the mainland and Hawaii also discuss the pros and cons of geothermal energy.
Publisher: Hilo, Hawaii: New Generations Productions, c1989.


Geothermal Well Puna videoGeothermal well Puna, Hawaiʻi.
Streaming video. (20 min.)
Summary/Abstract: R. Lyman interviews R. Uemura and W. Chen about their work at the geothermal well in Puna. Place names mentioned: Ka-imu-opihi-kao, Ke-ahi-a-Laka, and Puʻupilau Cone. There is a brief discussion of the history and the physical setup of the well. The video ends with a long section of the well blowing off steam at full throttle.
Publisher: Honolulu, Hawaii: Hawaii Foundation for History and the Humanities, 1978.

Hawaii deep water cable project geothermal energy.
Streaming video. (15 min.)
Summary/Abstract: The availability of geothermal energy on the Big Island of Hawaii has prompted the development of the Hawaii deep water cable project. With research and development of such a cable, electric energy can then be transferred from the Big Island to other electricity consuming areas of the State, notably Honolulu. This technology can also be applied on a world-wide basis: there are already 18 international projects identified where deep water cables can be used.
Publisher: Honolulu: Hawaiian Electric Company, c1988.

Streaming video. (30 min.)
Summary/Abstract: Describes the development of the MOD-5B wind turbine by NASA and its subcontractor Boeing. Shows the Makani Moaʻe wind farm at Kahuku, Oahu, and the installation of the MOD-5B there. Dick O’Connell of Hawaiian Electric discusses other plans for alternative energy development, such as geothermal energy and ocean thermal energy conversion.

Publisher: Honolulu: HEI, 1987

Uila kūpono i Hawaiʻi Natural energy in Hawaii.
Streaming video. (12 min.)
Summary/Abstract: Shows innovative energy projects in Hawaii. Features Jonathan Tennyson who designed a solar-powered car; the world’s largest horizontal axis wind turbine; Universal Synergetics, Inc. (UNISYN) in Waimanalo, a biowaste processing facility; tests being conducted at the University of Hawai‘i’s Hawaii Natural Energy Institute using methanol to fuel cars; ocean thermal energy conversion experiments; geothermal power; and small scale commercial projects such as wood drying, glass-making and silk-cloth drying which make direct non-electric use of geothermal energy.
Publisher: Honolulu: Dept. of Business and Economic Development, [1988?]

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