Research Guide

Geothermal energy research requires an interdisciplinary approach, just to name a few fields: geology, environmental science, engineering, computer science, business, humanities, and social sciences. Geothermal research areas include the following:

  • exploring the historical uses of volcanic heat
  • locating and accessing geothermal resources
  • developing technologies to use the earth’s heat to create clean energy
  • assessing economic, social, and governmental impacts to the geothermal energy industry
  • performing resource analysis
  • determining the environmental impacts of geothermal exploration and development
  • improving the public perception of geothermal energy
  • understanding the cultural sensitivities surrounding geothermal exploration and development

This research guide serves as an index to the Hawaii Geothermal Digital Collection. Each topic guide contains the topic’s description, search strategies, and links to relevant materials.

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