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The Hawai‘i Groundwater and Geothermal Resources Center is the place for the interdisciplinary study of Hawai‘i’s groundwater and geothermal resources. We engage the best scientists and students, and give them the support they need to find creative new strategies for the conservation and utilization of Hawai‘i’s groundwater and geothermal energy. Believing that the public has a right to be fully informed, we also hold outreach events.

You can advance groundwater and geothermal science in Hawaii with a gift to the HGGRC Fund. Gifts support undergraduate and graduate student training, postdoctoral researchers, visiting scientists, and public outreach. They also allow HGGRC to respond quickly when unforeseen scientific opportunities arise. For a donation of $75K a year (or an endowment gift of $1M), you can name your own graduate fellowship in groundwater research or geothermal research.

Contact Nicole Lautze, Director of HGGRC, at 808-956-3499 or for more information.

Mahalo for your support. Every gift makes a difference.