The site has been blessed and drilling preparations are nearly complete

Over the past couple weeks, the local crew members from Hawai‘i have been setting up the drill site with much-appreciated assistance from Pūlama Lāna‘i. All our shipping containers, vehicles, mixing and storage tanks, and other equipment including the drill rig itself are set up on site and ready to go. Two days ago, the rest of our drilling crew from our partner IDEA Drilling arrived, so everyone is here and ready to get to work. To start the project on the right foot, we had a blessing at the site led by Lāna‘i City’s own Pastor Saul Kahihikolo.

The entire drill crew and science staff gather at the drill site for a blessing before we enter the well.

Today at the drill site, the crew inserted PWT (5″ inner diameter) casing into the existing ~1400′ Well 10 and cemented it in place at the bottom.  The cement will be checked tomorrow, and if it’s cured solid then they will insert smaller PQ (3.375″ inner diameter) pipe as another layer of casing in the hole and also cement it in place.  Finally, once all the casing is in place we can start coring with a HQ bit that produces 2.5″ diameter rock core samples.

Updates will be frequent from now on, stay tuned for more pictures and information!

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