Voice of the Sea

Drs. Nicole Lautze and Donald Thomas shared their water research on the television show Voice of the Sea. In the episode “Water Resources Research,” Don talked about discovering new groundwater sources 10,000 feet below sea level on the Big Island:

[This discovery] helps us better maintain the resource and sort of change our thinking about how to regulate the resource, how to manage the resource, and maybe even ways we can better develop the resource with fewer impacts.

Nicole discussed looking at samples from deep underground and learning how various rock forms affect the flow and storage of freshwater underground:

More and more, we need to focus our work on very practical applications like what’s going to happen to our groundwater supply as the climate changes as population continues to grow. Well, we’ll need to understand where our water is coming from, where it’s stored, how it flows, because as populations grow, contamination issues arise.

For the Telly Awards, this episode won a bronze award in the education category, as announced in a UH news release:

In the education category, Voice of the Sea won a bronze award for “Water Resources Research.” It featured the Water Resources Research Center and how its research furthers understanding of the unique water and wastewater management issues in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific.

Water Resource Research
Voice of the Sea, UH Seagrant

Voice of the Sea wins five Telly Awards
May 24, 2019, by Cindy Knapman, UH Manoa news release

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