Wooden poles at PGV smoldering

Four wooden poles installed on Puna Geothermal Venture’s property were found to be smoldering because of heat from the lava flow they cross.

Hawaii Electric Light Co. told the state Public Utilities Commission in a letter Monday that the poles need to be replaced with steel versions.

That was in response to a PUC letter notifying HELCO and PGV that the re-installation of transmission lines to the plant, surrounded by lava from last year’s Kilauea eruption, requires a public hearing.

HELCO said it considers replacing the poles to be an emergency safety concern.

In response to the PUC letter, HELCO said it ceased work on the transmission lines.

Wooden poles at PGV smoldering
May 23, 2019, Hawaii Tribune-Herald

Wooden poles at PGV smoldering

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