Dr Don Thomas

Don Thomas receives Citizen’s Award for Exceptional Service from USGS

For his sustained and selfless contributions to volcanology, education, the HVO, and the USGS, HIGP’s Dr. Don Thomas has granted the Department of the Interior’s Citizen Award for Exceptional Service. Don has been on the faculty for 40 years, based on the Big Island. As noted in the citation (which can be read here), Don has contributed much to our understanding of the hydrology of the Big Island, as well as its active volcanoes. Through CSAV (Center for the Study of Active Volcanoes), Dr. Thomas (CSAV Director) and his team (Darcy Bevans of UH Hilo has also received the Award for Exceptional Service) have provided volcano and earthquake hazard education to Hawai‘i Island as well as hands-on training in volcano monitoring and hazard management to over 260 volcanologists from more than 30 countries, many of whom are partners in the USGS Volcano Disaster Assistance Program.

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