Jonathan Weiss (2016 PhD HIGP/Geology And Geophysics Published Paper With HIGP Personnel. Here He Is Working In South America.

GPS Measurements Reveal Earthquake Dynamics and Earth Structure

Jonathan Weiss (2016 PhD HIGP/Geology and Geophysics and now a Postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at the University of Potsdam Institute for Geosciences, Germany) is first author on a research paper with an international team studying earthquake deformation and structure in South America. Co-authors include HIGP Associate Researcher James Foster and graduate student Jonathan Avery. The team used Global Positioning System stations to investigate the surface motions that occur after very large earthquakes. Their publication appeared in Sciences Advances: Illuminating Subjection Zone Rheological Properties in the Wake of a Giant Earthquake. For more news coverage, see University of Potsdam News and the SOEST News. Photo: Jonathan Weiss while monitoring GPS-Ground Motion sensors in the Andean Highlands. Credit: J. Weiss.


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