A state-of-the-art facility equipped with instruments for studies of geo-, paleo-, rock, environmental, planetary, archaeo-, and bio-magnetism, with:

  • double wall (mu-metal and transformer steel) shielded magnetostatic room
  • 2G 755 pass-through horizontal cryogenic magnetometer (liquid helium free) capable of measuring discrete and U-Channel samples and also capable of doing AF and ARM experiments in-line fully automated
  • JR5A spinner magnetometer
  • Schoenstedt AF demagnetizer
  • Molineaux AF demagnetizer
  • 60 sample MM thermal demagnetizer
  • Kappabridge MFK1-FA automatic spinner, three operating frequencies for AMS studies
  • Bartington susceptibility meter
  • 2G impulse magnetizer
  • Pyrox Furnace to determine absolute paleointensites of lavas
  • modified Molineaux VSM instrument
  • Helmholtz coil for ARM studies
  • k-T instrument to determine Curie points (from -200 up to 700 degreesC)
  • Variable Field Translation Balance (VFTB) to determine Curie points, SIRM experiments, FORCS, back fields and Magnetic Grain Sizes. This instrument operates from -200 up to 700 degrees Celsius variable temperatures.

For more information on magnetic materials research and paleomagnetism at HIGP contact Emilio Herrero-Bervera.

paleomagnetics and petrofabrics facilities
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