Instrumentation Development/modification and Raman/LIBS Spectroscopy
+1 808 956 8181
Office: POST 512A Lab: HIG 107


My research involves the development and modification of different types of remote sensing Raman and LIBS Spectroscopy instrumentation for use on other planetary bodies. The purpose of the instrumentation is mainly for the identification and characterization of minerals on other terrestrial bodies in our solar system including the Moon and Mars. In particular, my research is focused on Spatial Heterodyne Spectroscopy (SHS) and more specifically Spatial Heterodyne Raman Spectroscopy (SHRS). These techniques forgo the traditional dispersive Raman techniques for interferometry using a beamsplitter that recombines laser light coming from gratings to create an interference pattern, specific to every molecule. This technique has a few advantages such as no moving parts On top of development/modification, I also work with instrumentation that has already been developed and deployed to other terrestrial bodies such as SUPERCAM on the Mars perseverance rover. The goal of SUPERCAM is to identify and characterize the chemical composition of the rocks and soil around Jezero Crater in Syrtis Major. Additionally, SUPRECAM will be used to find organic compounds and any signs of life on the Martian surface.

Laboratory Affiliations: Raman and Infra-Red Spectroscopy Lab

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