Dr. Peter A. J. Englert
Planetary science, Extraterrestrial materials, Sensor development, Nuclear science technology in space, Higher education
+1 808 956 3955


Peter Englert conducts research in planetary science, extraterrestrial materials, and sensor development, with a major focus on Mars exploration, meteorites, and the application of nuclear science technology in space. He is also active in research on social science topics including internationalization and indigenization of higher education.

His research has included investigating the surface of Mars using gamma rays and neutrons, the study of meteorite exposure to cosmic radiation through nuclear interaction products, and the development of gamma ray, X-ray, and neutron spectrometers for use in space exploration. He was on instrument development teams for planetary gamma-ray and neutron spectrometers, and science investigation teams for both, the Mars Orbiter and Mars Odyssey gamma ray and neutrons spectrometers.

He is principal science investigator on the Hawaiʻi Space Flight Laboratory’s Neutron-1 mission. His current research extends to the study of terrestrial Mars analogs and the application of cosmic ray products in Earth’s atmosphere and surface to geoscience problems. His work is funded mainly by NASA.

Peter Englert has a keen interest in supporting science learning through curriculum development. He participated in designing and implementing innovative lecture-laboratory courses in planetary science and space exploration technology, including ERTH 107, Solar System Studio, and EPET 201, 301, 302, and 401 courses comprising the Earth and Planetary Exploration Technology (EPET) certificate of HIGP. He teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses for both the Department of Earth Sciences and HIGP, including but not limited to ERTH 105, ERTH 107, ERTH 404, EPET 201, EPET 301, and selected graduate topics through ERTH 600 and 700 level courses.

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Mailing Address
Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
1680 East-West Road, POST Building, Office 602
Honolulu, HI 96822
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