Resources and Hazards in Hawaiʻi

Understanding Resource Sustainability And Mitigating Natural Hazards.

Our group brings together faculty and students to perform cutting-edge scientific and technological research and development focused on critical issues:

  • Availability and sustainability of natural resources in Hawaiʻi
  • Nature, magnitude and mitigation of natural hazards in Hawaiʻi, including tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides, sea-level rise, coastal stability, volcanic eruptions, and flooding.

HIGP is mandated to provide information relevant to the State of Hawaiʻi regarding geophysical phenomena. Members of this group form a well-integrated, multi-disciplinary, strongly collaborative group. We are committed to studying and solving issues of short and long-term societal relevance, issues that represent challenges and threats to the State of Hawaiʻi, and other Pacific Island communities.

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Notable recent projects include:

  • Developing a method for using GPS receivers on commercial ships to provide early warning of the magnitude of tsunamis in the Pacific basin.
  • Using earthquakes to understand the way in which the summit of Kīlauea volcano rose and fell during the 2018 eruption.
  • Drilling test wells in the Hawaiʻi Island ‘Saddle’ region between Mauna Loa and Maunakea volcanoes which revealed groundwater at a much shallower depth than expected, and a potential geothermal reservoir.
  • Continuous operation of infrasound arrays on the Big Island as part of the International Monitoring System for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

HIGP faculty also play key roles in the NSF-funded ʻIke Wai project, which aims to quantify the nature of groundwater resources in the State. The project’s name ʻIke Wai, comes from the Hawaiian words for “knowledge” and “water,” respectively.


Eric Attias

Affiliate Faculty

Stéphanie Barde-Cabusson

Post-Doctoral Researcher/Affiliate Faculty

Rhett Butler


Roger Davis

Software Engineer

Daniel Eduardo Dores

HGGRC Geothermal Geology Technician

Margo H. Edwards

Director of ARL

Todd Ericksen

Affiliate Faculty

Colin Ferguson

Graduate Student

Luke P. Flynn

Director of HSFL, Director of HSGC

Andrea Gabrieli

Post-Doctoral Researcher/Affiliate Faculty

Milton A. Garces

Researcher, Director of ISLA

Niels Grobbe

Affiliate Faculty

Loren Kroenke

Emeritus Faculty, Geophysics

Nicole Lautze


Paul G. Lucey


Pete Mouginis-Mark

Emeritus Faculty, Director of PRPDC

James Potemra

Specialist, Manager of the APDRC

Mark Rognstad

Emeritus Faculty, Ocean

Shiv K. Sharma


Diamond Tachera

Graduate Student

Donald Thomas

Geochemist, Director of CSAV
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