Photos Of Neutron-1 CubeSat With HSFL Team.

Successful Completion and Delivery of Neutron-1 CubeSat

Miguel Nunes, Deputy Director of the Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory (HSFL) announced today that HSFL successfully delivered the Neutron-1 CubeSat to Nanoracks aerospace company for a launch scheduled in September on the NG-14 ISS resupply mission from NASA Wallops Flight Facility, Virginia (see NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative webpage for more information). Nunes said, “This is a great testament to the determination of the HSFL team to deliver a satellite during challenging times. Arizona State University provided the neutron detector and the collaboration between UH and ASU is also a testament how two universities can work really well together on a joint space mission. We have something very unique here that will need to be nurtured in times ahead.” Read more at the Neutron-1 team’s Facebook page. Congratulations!

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