If you would like to pursue a Ph.D, or M.S. with one of our faculty, we encourage you to first contact that faculty member to discuss your research interests, background, and skills, and how they dovetail with that faculty member’s currently (and potentially) funded projects. The faculty member will then help you decide how to proceed. Graduate students advised, housed, and paid by HIGP faculty members are registered for their degrees in one of the University’s academic departments. Although most students have historically been registered to receive the degree of Earth and Planetary Sciences through the Department of Earth Sciences, our students have also been registered in the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Information and Computer Science, and the College of Engineering.

Further information as to how you would apply for a graduate degree in Earth and Planetary Sciences can be found here: www.soest.hawaii.edu/GG/admissions/gg_admissions_graduate.html.

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