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The paleomagnetics laboratory of SOEST-HIGP was established in the late 1960s. The main research activities have been centered on the short-term behavior of the Earth's magnetic field by means of studies of volcanic rocks, deep sea sediments and lake sediments, as well as petrofabric studies of igneous and sedimentary rocks, and absolute paleointensity studies of Hawaiian and Icelandic basalts. Studies of landslides by means of magnetostratigraphic studies and magnetic properties of Martian meteorites are some the current studies in the paleomagnetics laboratory.

The laboratory is a "state of the art" facility and is equipped with a double wall mu-metal magnetostatic room, a horizontal 2G cryogenic magnetometer capable of measuring continuous U-channels and also discrete samples, a fully automated JRSA spinner magnetometer, a Schoenstedt a.f. demagnetizer, a Molson demagnetizer, a 60 sample thermal demagnetizer, a Kappabridge KLY-2 for petrofabric studies, a mini Kappa bridge, a Bartington susceptibility meter, an impulse magnetizer for SIRM studies, an 80 sample Pyrex furnace instrument to determine absolute paleointensity of archeomagnetic and paleomagnetic samples, a Molineaux Vibration Sample Magnetometer (VSM) to determine hysteresis loops, a low-field susceptibility versus temperature instrument to determine Curie points, a Relmholtz coil for ARM studies, home made horizontal Curie balance, and a strong magnet for SIRM studies. We also have drilling equipment (Pomeroy type) for sampling of rocks and IBM and Macintosh clones for all the computational needs of the paleomagnetic and rock magnetic operations.

For more information on Paleomagnetism at HIGP contact Emilio Herrero-Bervera.

Text and images courtesy Emilio Herrero-Bervera.

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