One of the goals of the Pacific Regional Planetary Data Center (PRPDC) is to digitize and place on-line a number of its rare or unique hard-copy holding.   On this page, we provide links to numerous documents from the 1960s and early 1970s which focused on landing site selection for the Apollo missions.

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Discussion of Candidate Sites
1967:  Flamsteed Crater;   1968:  Copernicus Crater;   Marius Hills;   1969:  Multiple site options -- March;   Multiple site options -- April;   Apollo 12 - 20;   Landing at Surveyor Sites;   1970:  Candidate Sites;   Hadley Rille - July;   Hadley Rille - October;   1971:  Apollo 16 and 17 options;   Copernicus Crater;   Crisium/Gassendi.

Mission Capabilities
1965:  Crew stay times; 1966:   LEM Descent Strategies; 1967:   Apollo Operations;  Landing reserves; Lighting geometry; 1970:  Launch Ability Ratings;  1971:  EVA Planning.

Mission options
1968:  Hadley;  Mare Ridge site;  1969:  Marius Hills;&$160Mission Analysis; Ten site options; Tycho rim 1970:  Apollo 15 - Littrow; Apollo 15-17 plans; Descartes objectives; Lade; Plans for Apollo 13; Tycho Crater.

Landing site selection
1966:  Apollo site selection;   1967:  Apollo site selection; Science questions;   1968:  Site selections;   1969:  Apollo12-20 objectives;   1971:  Apollo 17.

Surface Activities
1967:  Range capabilities;   1969:  Traverse mobility;   1970:  Traverse mobility;   1973:  Apollo 17 post-EVA.

Other documents

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