PRPDC Acquires Clementine Documentation!

Thanks to Dr. Trevor Sorensen, who was the Lunar Mission Manager for the 1994 Clementine Mission to the Moon, and to the late Dr. Paul Spudis (Lunar and Planetary Institute) who contributed the Clementine documentation from Dr. Gene Shoemaker's collection, the PRPDC has now acquired much of the original documentation for this mission. In August 2018, we started to digitize these materials and make them available on our web site, but we still have a long way to go!

Mission patch, rendering of the spacecraft, and second mission patch.

First day cover for the mission.

At left, we see two of the classic lunar data sets collected by the Clementine mission. Top left is the iron map, and lower left is the titanium map.  At right we show two of Trevor's photos from the mission. Top right we see the Trajectory Analysis and Mission Planning (TAMP) Team after the spacecraft left lunar orbit in May 1994.  Back row (left to right) is Jay Middour, Alan Hope, Trevor Sorensen, Bob Dasenbrock and Dean Bakeris.   Front row Bernie Kaufman and Richard Campion.  Bottom right, Trevor (Clementine Lunar Mission Manager) talks about the Moon with Triet Tran (Clementine Asteroid Mission Manager) and Richard Campion (Clementine Senior Mission Analyst).

To see some of the Moon images collected by the Clementine spacecraft, check out the Lunar and Planetary Institute's Summary of Mission and Arizona State University's Clementine Color Images.   Research quality Clementine data can be accessed via the PDS Geosciences Node.

Meta Data xml file 

Mission Budget

It is always interesting to know how much a space mission actually costs.  Here are the costs of Clementine mission, including the launch vehicle, science payload, and the spacecraft.

Chronology of Mission Documents


April 30th, 1991 Briefing.


Software. June 1992
Software Requirements. June 1992
Control System. 1992
Camera sequence during lunar mapping. August 1992.
Mapping operations and staffing. October 1992
Lunar Transfer Trajectory Options. October 1992
Lunar Transfer Trajectory Options - pt.2. October 1992
Operations Staffing. October 1992
Critical Design Review (Introduction). Nov. 16 - 18, 1992
Critical Design Review, November 1992.
Sensors. November 1992
Lunar Orbit Operations. November 1992
Operations and Control - Roles and Responsibilities. November 1992
"Batcave" Floor Plan, December 1992


Mission Plan, January 1993
Trajectory Analysis, January 1993
Ground Rules and Constraints, February 1993
GNC Software Review. March 10, 1993
Sensor Operations (Pt.1). May 1993
Science Team Meeting, June 1993
Longwave Camera Documents. August 1993
Mission Readiness Rehearsal Plan. August 1993
JPEG Compression Status Report, August 1993
Thoughts on mission success, September 1993
Clementine Data Archiving 1. 1993
Launch Constraints. November 1993
Pre-Mapping Lunar orbit operations. December 1993
Pre-Ship Review: Mission Readiness. December 1993
Planned High-Resolution Image Targets, with priorities, number of frames, etc.  December 1993


Post-Clementine 1 launch. February 1994
Preliminary UV/VIS Camera Calibration for Clementine 1. February 1994
Clementine 1 Launch Party. 1994
Critical Design Review (pt.2).
List of the orbit-by-orbit Clementine reports. 1994
Orbit-by-orbit summary of mission. September 1994


Clementine Data Archiving 2. 1995
Selected letters related to the Clementine mission. 1992 - 1995

No Date

Lunar Mapping Schedule. No Date
Bistatic Radar Experiment. No Date
Clementine Analysis compared to Galileo mission. No date
DSPSE Operations. No date.
Ground Segment. No date
Hardware. No date
Inter-stage Structure. No date
Post-Flyby Activities. No date
Primary Spacecraft Structure. No date
Sensor Bench. No date
Space Vehicle Requirements. No date
Spacecraft Mass Properties. No date
Subsystems. No date
Subsystems2. No date

Flight Software

GNC Software

Volume 1

Executive.  Given all necessary data, create the message to send to ADAC to command the necessary attitude.
Attitude Determination and Control (ADAC)

Volume 2

Math Utilities.   Math Definitions and Functions used by GNC Software.
PROM version for Attitude Determination and Control
Delta V Thruster Maneuver Burn Sequence Functions.
Auto Scheduler to generate the lunar mapping events table
Orbit Propagator

Volume 3

Image Processing Executive, handles all SAMS and events associated with the image processing software (except star tracker).
Limb Detection.
Huffman Encoding algorithm for image compression.
HighRes Camera Control.
LWIR Camera Control.
NIR Camera Control.
UV Camera Control.

Volume 4

Star Tracker.

Plans for Clementine Asteroid Flyby


Asteroid Flyby Operations
DSPSE Asteroid Flyby Notes

Ideas for Clementine 2 Mars Mission


Documents describing a Clementine Mars Mission to recover from the loss of Mars Orbiter in 1992.
June 7-8, 1993, Minutes.


Letters of support for Clementine 2. April 1994


Agenda for the planning meeting for this second mission, held March 27th/28th, 1997.
Some of the view graphs presented at this March 1997 meeting.
Resultant Clementine 2 Science Team Report. April 1997.
Science Impact to Clementine II Spacecraft, Flagstaff Briefing, May 1997.