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stripes HIGP Planetary Seminars: Fall 2013

Planetary Data Center, POST 544
Wednesdays at 2:00–3:00 p.m.
(except where noted)

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 25 Jeffrey Gillis-Davis (HIGP Associate Researcher) Impact Darkening of Meteorites and Asteroids May Explain Why Mercury is Spectrally Dark and Featureless
Oct. 2 Myriam Telus (HIGP and G&G Graduate Student) On the Initial Abundance of 60Fe in Primitive Meteorites
Oct. 9 Ryan Ogliore (HIGP Assistant Researcher) The Magnesium Isotopic Composition of the Sun
Oct. 16 Kate Burgess (HIGP Post-Doctoral Researcher) Micro-seismology: Detection of P- and S-Waves in Iron at Extreme Conditions using Laser-Ultrasonics in a Diamond Anvil Cell
Oct. 23 Paul Lucey (HIGP Researcher) Lunar Poles: The Most Valuable Real Estate in the Solar System
Oct. 30 Przemek Dera (HIGP Associate Researcher) Pyroxenes in Cold Subducting Slabs
Nov. 6 Ed Scott (HIGP Researcher) Early Impact and Thermal Histories of Differentiated Meteorites and their Parent Asteroids
Nov. 20 Christie Jilly (HIGP and G&G Graduate Student) Liquid Water in the Early Solar System: Timescales for Chondritic Aqueous Alteration
Nov. 27 Sarah Crites (HIGP and G&G Graduate Student) Revised Mineral Maps of the Moon and Implications for the Lunar Highlands Crust
Dec. 4 Patrick Gasda (HIGP and G&G Graduate Student) A Remote Laser Based Spectroscopy System for Mars Exploration

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