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stripes HIGP Seminars: Spring/Summer 2015

Planetary Data Center, POST 544
Wednesdays at 2:00–3:00 p.m.
(except where noted)

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 15 Jeff Freymueller (University of Alaska, Fairbanks) NOTE: New Day & time: Thursday at 3pm World in Motion: Insights from the Many Modes of Deformation of the Earth
Feb. 4 Patrick Gasda (HIGP/G&G Graduate Student) Meteorites and Mars: Analogs for a Prebiotic Earth
Feb. 18 Rhett Butler (HIGP Director) Planetary Seismology: Local Significance
March 5 Bob Liebermann (Stony Brook University) NOTE: Day: Thursday at 2pm Indoor versus Outdoor Geophysics
March 18 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference - no seminar
March 25 Spring Break - no seminar
April 1 Lionel Wilson (Emeritus Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Lancaster University and HIGP Affiliate Faculty) The Somewhat Bizarre Nature of Ancient Asteroid Volcanism
April 8 Stephen Mojzsis (University of Colorado at Boulder) A Record of Protracted Lunar Bombardment (4250–3900 Ma) from Combined Mineral Chemistry, Ti-thermometry, and U-Pb Geochronology of Apollo 14 Melt Breccia 14311 Zircons
April 15 Jeff Taylor (HIGP Researcher) Two Stories about the Kapakahi Moon
April 22 Joel Sercel (Founder and Principal Engineer, ICS Associates Inc.) APIS: Asteroid Provided In-Situ Systems: A New Vision for Man's Future in Space
April 29 Andrea Gabrieli (HIGP/G&G Graduate Student) Volcano-Tectonic Interactions as Triggers of Volcanic Eruptions
May 6 Myriam Telus (HIGP/G&G Graduate Student) NOTE: Dissertation Defense: New Time and Room: 1:30pm in POST 723 Developing the 60Fe-60Ni System for Early Solar System Chronology
May 20 Dongzhou Zhang (RCUH Research Scientist) Applications of Atomic and Lattice Dynamics Experiemnts to Further our Understanding of Earth's Interior
June 16 Jeffrey Andrews-Hanna (Associate Professor, Colorado School of Mines) NOTE: Day: Tuesday at 2pm The Early Evolution of the Moon: Looking Beneath the Surface with GRAIL Gravity Data
June 25 Pavel Zinin (HIGP Researcher) NOTE: Day: Thursday at 2pm Phase Transitions in Carbon and Binary B-C and C-N Systems Under High Pressure

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