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Pre-Lesson: VARK Learning Styles

What if students could study and take notes in such a way they could more effectively learn? The secret is getting them to identify their learning style! Of the countless ways we learn, four key modalities, or VARK, are used for learning information - VARK is an acronym that stands for Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic. Everyone has a learning style, and we all identify with one or more of these styles. A person may also be able to learn using multiple modalities. To read a more detailed description of the different modalities click here.

The aim of this optional pre-lesson is to provide a means for students to discover their style of learning by taking the VARK survey (also known as a multiple intelligence survey).

We found the VARK pre-lesson to be important for two reasons. First, it empowers students by having them self-examine how they learn, which allows them to develop more affective study strategies. Second, the teacher may also find it valuable to know the class distribution of learning styles so that he/she may adjust his/her teaching style to fit the class, which will promote greater learning.

All files for this lesson are contained in a compressed file. Click or select "save link as" on the link below and a compressed file called will download to you computer. Your computer may uncompress the file automatically or it may require you to open it, which will serve to uncompress the file. When using WinZip be sure to select all files then select "extract" to uncompress the files. After the file is uncompressed you will have a directory called Intro_VARK.

Intro to VARK files