How To Apply

   To apply, please send electronically to the address below: 1) a letter (not to exceed 1 page) stating the reasons why this workshop would benefit you in your current and/or future research - please be specific; 2) a current resume, also not to exceed 1 page; 3) contact information including e-mail address, phone number, and mailing address; and 4) a letter of reference from your advisor or employer, also not to exceed 1 page, stating your capabilities, how these capabilities would be improved by attendance at this workshop (please be specific), and certifying that you are indeed currently funded by either NASA's PG&G, MDAP, or MFRP Program.

Send all material by March 25, 2013 to Sarah Fagents :


Selection will be based on the following :
-Clear indication of current Mars volcanology research
-Clear indication of background knowledge of volcanology combined with a need for field experience

For more information, please contact Sarah Fagents:

(808) 956-3163 (phone)
(808) 956-6322 (fax)
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